Genealogist’s Christmas Eve

   ‘Twas the night before Christmas When all through the house Not a creature was stirring, Not even my spouse.     The dining room table with clutter was spread With pedigree charts and with letters which said… “Too bad about the data for which you wrote; Sank in a storm on an ill-fated boat.” […]

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Nonconformist Records – Great to search

For many family historians tracing ancestors is a labour of love, however this can easily turn to frustration when they can not find the details of someone they know ‘is there’ but despite their best efforts come up against a ‘brick wall’. If you cannot find the individual you are looking for in Parish Registers – try looking at Nonconformist records.

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1780 Bridgwater document

1780 – Solicitors were too honest for bribery – or were they?

Below is a transcripion of a 1780 legal document sent from John Williams of Barletts Buildings (Holborn London) to Abraham Stevens Attorney at Law, Stowey near Bridgwater. The document contains a Britannica watermark and the Receiving House identifying stamp number.

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Mike Hicks 001

Poppy Thoughts

I am part of that generation, a teenager at the end of the 60s, student life in the early and mid 70s, that shunned poppy wearing. It all felt a bit like remembering war was close to glorifying it, and as I recall, we all wanted to ..”give peace a chance”.

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Where there’s a will…..

Wills are fascinating documents to search through. My first one was over thirty years ago when I was, basically, being nosey and wanted to know what had happened to the ‘estate’ of a Great Aunt who had died in 1966 aged 93.

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Sgt J Faulks medal

A forgotten Medal

In most families things get passed down from generation to generation. These maybe such things as bibles, china, pictures, books, clothing, photographs etc. In all probability we can best describe these items as family memorabilia or family heirlooms. After my mother died so it was with me, in amongst a small box of costume jewellery was an old blackly tarnished silver medal.

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