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    Trace Your Ancestry

    .Apprenticeships., .Baptisms Index., .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Civil Cases., .England post 1800., .Family History Workshops., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Heir Locator., .Intestacy., .Marriage Certificates., .Next of Kin., .Parish Records. , .Wills.

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    .Baptisms Index., .Birth Certificates., .Family History Workshops., .Heir Locator., .Intestacy., .Ireland specific research., .Marriage Certificates., .Next of Kin., .Probate research., .Relatives - living.

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    London Research Service

    .Census., .Convicts., .Emigration., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Immigrants., .Intestacy., .Military Records., .Naval Records., .Next of Kin., .Parish Records. , .Poor Law Records., .Probate research., .Relatives - living., .Wills.

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    Family & Local History Research UK

    .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Civil Cases., .Convicts., .Customs and Excise., .England post 1800., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Gentry., .Heir Locator., .Historical Research., .House History., .Intestacy., .Legal texts / Documents., .Marriage Certificates., .Military Records., .Next of Kin., .Palaeography., .Parish Records. , .PCC Wills., .Peerage., .Poor Law Records., .Probate research., .Property History., .Surname History., .Transcription., .War Memorials., .Wills.

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    Brookhill Ancestry

    .Birth Certificates., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Heir Locator., .Intestacy., .Ireland specific research., .Marriage Certificates., .Next of Kin., .Probate research.

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    Derwend Research & Consultancy

    .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Heir Locator., .Intestacy., .Marriage Certificates., .Marriage Index., .Probate research.

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    Jenny Potter

    .English Civil War., .Family History Talks., .Genealogy., .Heir Locator., .Historical Research., .House History., .Intestacy., .Manuscripts., .Next of Kin., .Palaeography., .PCC Wills., .Probate research., .Property History., .Transcription., .Wills.

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    Heir Line Limited

    .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Heir Locator., .Historical Research., .Intestacy., .Ireland specific research., .Marriage Certificates., .Parish Records. , .Photographs (restoration)., .Probate research., .Relatives - living., .Surname History., .Wills.

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    Geoff Swinfield Genealogical Services

    .Birth Certificates., .Census., .DNA tests., .Family History Lectures., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Genetics., .Heir Locator., .Heraldry., .Intestacy., .Living Relatives., .Marriage Certificates., .Next of Kin., .Palaeography., .Parish Records. , .PCC Wills., .Probate research., .Relatives - living., .Wills.