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    Mitchell's Family Search

    .Birth Certificates., .Catholic Ancestry., .Census., .England post 1800., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Historical Research., .Indexing., .Marriage Certificates., .Marriage Index., .Military Records., .Parish Records. , .Transcription.

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    Helen M Whittle

    .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Convicts., .English Civil War., .Family History Talks., .Genealogy., .Gentry., .Historical Research., .Literary Research., .Manuscripts., .Military Records., .Naval Records., .Nonconformity., .PCC Wills., .Police - Metropolitan., .Wills.

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    Ancestral Heritage

    .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Convicts., .Family History Workshops., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Historical Research., .House History., .Marriage Certificates., .Parish Records. , .PCC Wills., .Poor Law Records., .Property History., .Wills.

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    Jersey Heritage

    .Baptisms Index., .Catholic Ancestry., .Census., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Historical Research., .House History., .Immigrants., .Jersey specific research., .Militia Lists., .Parish Records. , .Probate research., .Property History., .Wills.

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    Scargill Genenealogical Research Services

    .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Clergy., .Historical Research., .House History., .Latin., .Marriage Certificates., .Nonconformity., .Palaeography., .Roman Catholics., .Transcription., .Translation., .Wales specific research.

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    Family Folios

    .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Historical Research., .Marriage Certificates., .Monumental Inscriptions., .Parish Records. , .PCC Wills., .Photography (restoration)., .Poor Law Records., .Wills.

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    Fife Rootsearch

    .Birth Certificates., .Catholic Ancestry., .Census., .Customs and Excise., .Emigration., .Historical Research., .Kirk session Records., .Marriage Certificates., .Nonconformity., .Parish Records. , .Relatives - living., .Sasines., .Scotland specific research., .Valuation Rolls., .Wills.

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    Sarah P Taylor

    .Baptisms Index., .Birth Certificates., .Census., .England post 1800., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Historical Research., .House History., .Marriage Certificates., .Marriage Index., .Palaeography., .Parish Records. , .Poor Law Records., .Wills.

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    Ancestral Deeds Research & Transcription

    .Baptisms Index., .Historical Research., .Huguenots., .Latin., .Legal texts / Documents., .Literary Research., .Manuscripts., .Militia Lists., .Monumental Inscriptions., .Palaeography., .Parish Records. , .PCC Wills., .Theatre History/Ancestors., .Transcription., .Translation., .Wills.

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    Scotlands Genealogy

    .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Emigration., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Heraldry., .Historical Research., .House History., .Kirk session Records., .Marriage Certificates., .Militia Lists., .Monumental Inscriptions., .Palaeography., .Parish Records. , .Sasines., .Scotland specific research., .Surname History., .Transcription., .Valuation Rolls., .War Memorials., .Wills.

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    Pooles Family Research

    .Baptisms Index., .Census., .Convicts., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Historical Research., .House History., .Immigrants., .Military Records., .Naval Records., .Parish Records. , .PCC Wills., .Poor Law Records., .Transportation.

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    Past Uncovered

    .Census., .Coal Mining., .Family History Talks., .Family History Workshops., .Historical Research., .House History., .Parish Records. , .Probate research.

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    My Dear Watson

    .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Convicts., .Emigration., .England post 1800., .Family History Talks., .Family History Workshops., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Heir Locator., .Historical Research., .Immigrants., .Marriage Certificates., .Military Records., .Naval Records., .Next of Kin., .Parish Records. , .Probate research., .Relatives - living., .Transportation., .War Memorials., .Wills.

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    Davison Research Services

    .Census., .Convicts., .Gentry., .Historical Research., .House History., .Monumental Inscriptions., .Palaeography., .Transcription., .Wills.

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    Tracing Your Ancestors in the UK

    .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Historical Research., .Literary Research., .Marriage Certificates., .Palaeography., .PCC Wills., .Wills.

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    Family Tree Solutions

    .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Genetics., .Heir Locator., .Historical Research., .Legal texts / Documents., .Manuscripts., .Marriage Certificates., .Monumental Inscriptions., .Next of Kin., .Wales specific research., .Wills.

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    Link Line Ancestral Research

    .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Convicts., .Emigration., .Family History Talks., .Historical Research., .Immigrants., .Marriage Certificates., .Military Records., .Naval Records., .Parish Records. , .PCC Wills., .Poor Law Records., .Railway Records., .Wills.

  • Profile picture of Dr Karen Cummings DipGen

    Professional Family History

    .Apprenticeships., .Baptisms Index., .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Historical Research., .Marriage Certificates., .Marriage Index., .Monumental Inscriptions., .Nonconformity., .Parish Records. , .PCC Wills., .Poor Law Records., .Wills.

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    Heir Line Limited

    .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Heir Locator., .Historical Research., .Intestacy., .Ireland specific research., .Marriage Certificates., .Parish Records. , .Photographs (restoration)., .Probate research., .Relatives - living., .Surname History., .Wills.

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    Shires Genealogy

    .Baptisms Index., .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Historical Research., .Indexing., .Marriage Certificates., .Military Records., .Monumental Inscriptions., .Next of Kin., .Parish Records.