Kristina Bedford

Business name

Ancestral Deeds Research & Transcription



Telephone number

0208 473 2097

About the business

London-based Genealogy & Historical Research Service covering 1066 to 1911, with a special interest in the Late Mediaeval, Tudor & Stuart periods, Theatre Ancestors, and Victorian Women. Fields covered include Family History, Theatre History, Local History, Transcription of Early English Documents; Transcription with Translation of Mediaeval French & Latin; Research from the Original French; Digital Photography of Documents, Gravestones, and Historic/Ancestral Locations.

I am a...

Genealogist or specialist researcher


.Baptisms Index., .Historical Research., .Huguenots., .Latin., .Legal texts / Documents., .Literary Research., .Manuscripts., .Militia Lists., .Monumental Inscriptions., .Palaeography., .Parish Records., .PCC Wills., .Theatre History/Ancestors., .Transcription., .Translation., .Wills.

To have another specialism considered please enter it here

Theatre History/Ancestors

Which Country or Counties do you operate in?

.England., .Essex., .Kent., .London., .Middlesex.

Professional Bodies you are a member of

AGRA – Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives – Member, APG – Association of Professional Genealogists

Are you a member of any other professional bodies (please specify)

Writers Guild of Great Britain (Full Member)

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