Carol Bannister

Business name

Ancestors Direct



Telephone number

01773 762980

About the business

Ancestors Direct offers a range of genealogical research services including a range of fixed price genealogical and family history packages. It is owned and run by Carol Bannister. Carol has a MSc in Genealogical Studies from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. We also offer bespoke research services as well as telephone tutorial support. These services can be helpful if you have hit a brick wall with your own family research. We also specialise in European medieval genealogical research. Ancestors Direct works within the Association of Professional Genealogists ‘Code of Practice’ using only genealogists who have a recognised genealogical qualification at University higher degree level as well as having research experience. The initial genealogical consultation with you is free of charge and in the UK this can be done by email or telephone. This way we can advise you on the most appropriate research strategy to meet your needs. Ancestors Direct are able to undertake genealogical research across the world and we have had clients from the UK, USA, Canada, France and Australia.

I am a...

Genealogist or specialist researcher


.Baptisms Index., .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Emigration., .England post 1800., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Gentry., .House History., .Marriage Certificates., .Nonconformity., .Palaeography., .Peerage., .Scotland specific research., .Transcription.

Which Country or Counties do you operate in?

.Derbyshire., .Leicestershire., .Lincolnshire., .Nottinghamshire., .Scotland.

Professional Bodies you are a member of

APG – Association of Professional Genealogists

Product or Service type

.Histories – Houses., .Histories – Surnames., .Histories – Village.

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