Catherine Upton-Browning

Business name

Family History Finders



Telephone number

01603 261717

About the business

We are based in the heart of Norfolk and offer facilities for you do your own family history research with assistance or can provide a full research service for you.
We also specialize in old photograph restoration, enhancement and editing. Please visit the website for further indornation.

I am a...

Genealogist or specialist researcher


.Baptisms Index., .Birth Certificates., .Census., .Emigration., .England post 1800., .Family History Workshops., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Historical Research., .House History., .Immigrants., .Marriage Certificates., .Military Records., .Monumental Inscriptions., .Parish Records., .Photographs (historical)., .Photographs (restoration)., .Probate research., .Translation., .Transportation., .Wills.

Which Country or Counties do you operate in?

.Cornwall., .England., .Lancashire., .Norfolk., .Yorkshire.

Professional Bodies you are a member of

APG – Association of Professional Genealogists

Product or Service type

.Genealogy – Gifts., .Photographs – Restoration.

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