Michael J. Rochford

Business name

Heir Line Limited



Telephone number

01924 314363

About the business

Not only do we trace hundreds of your ancestors and prepare your family tree for you, but we also delve much further and produce a detailed report, presented in book format for your entire family to enjoy and pass down to younger generations.

If you are starting from scratch, you can purchase one of our research packages. This gives you the pleasure of discovering your heritage, whilst we take away all the effort and stress involved in researching family trees. We will aim to trace your direct ancestors (and their siblings) back to at least the beginning of the 1800s, and further if records are available. We will provide information about when your ancestors were born; where they lived; when they married, and when they died. We can even tell you what they did for a living; what their addresses were; how they relate to everyone else in your family, trace their wills, and even tell you what their surnames mean! In our Storybook, we include a detailed chapter about the topography of the places where your ancestors lived, which describes what their towns, cities and villages were like in their day. A family photograph album is also included.

We carry out bespoke research, and will visit record offices to search through parish registers. We are handily placed at Wakefield allowing us to search hundreds of years of title deeds at the West Yorkshire Archive Service and we have access to many trade directories and are experts in probate research.

I am a...

Genealogist or specialist researcher


.Birth Certificates., .Census., .Family Trees., .Genealogy., .Heir Locator., .Historical Research., .Intestacy., .Ireland specific research., .Marriage Certificates., .Parish Records., .Photographs (restoration)., .Probate research., .Relatives – living., .Surname History., .Wills.

Which Country or Counties do you operate in?

.England., .Ireland., .Scotland., .Wales., .Yorkshire.

Professional Bodies you are a member of

APG – Association of Professional Genealogists

Are you a member of any other professional bodies (please specify)

Federation of Small Businesses

Product or Service type

.Family Name Search., .Genealogy – Gifts., .Histories – Surnames., .Histories – Village., .Photographs – Restoration., .Printing – Family Trees.

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