Ros Bott

Business name

Tracing Your Ancestors in the UK



Telephone number

01295 688449

About the business

I have been a professional genealogist since 1993 and have taught classes in genealogy and written articles and e-books on the subject. I can carry out research at Warwickshire, Birmingham and Worcestershire archives. I can also carry out research on family trees that cover the whole of the UK, using online resources and contacts many counties.

I am a...

Genealogist or specialist researcher


.Birth Certificates., .Census., .Historical Research., .Literary Research., .Marriage Certificates., .Palaeography., .PCC Wills., .Wills.

Which Country or Counties do you operate in?


Professional Bodies you are a member of

APG – Association of Professional Genealogists

Are you a member of any other professional bodies (please specify)

Society of Genealogists

Product or Service type

.Family History Workshops.

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