Terms and Conditions

The UK Genealogy Network is a grouping of independent professional genealogists and other specialist researchers & practitioners, service providers and product suppliers. 

By subscribing to UK Genealogy Network I/we agree to:

  1. Be honest, truthful and discreet in all dealings with clients and fellow professionals.
  2. Advertise services and credentials honestly, avoiding the use of misleading or exaggerated representations; explain without concealment or misrepresentation all fees, charges, and payment structures; abide by agreements regarding project scope, number of hours, deadlines and reporting schedules.
  3. Present research results and opinions in a clear, well-organized manner; fully and accurately cite references; and refrain from withholding, suppressing, or knowingly misquoting or misinterpreting sources or data.
  4. Respect the confidential nature of a client’s work, and not divulge any information concerning a client’s family, business or personal affairs without prior consent.
  5. Never knowingly injure or attempt to injure the reputation or prospects of UK Genealogy Network, any genealogist, professional researcher or other individual or company connected with UK Genealogy Network.
  6. Supply goods and services to the client as agreed, in a timely and courteous manner.

Failure to adhere to these Terms and Conditions will result in suspension of the account.